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Minnesota Business Magazine: Hiring and training in a multicultural Minnesota

Posted: 29 Feb 16

Though white Europeans remain Minnesota’s largest demographic group, the state is more multicultural than at any point in the past. Estimates differ on when the state will become “majority minority,” but that milestone is likely to come before mid-century. In some counties, including Ramsey and Nobles, the under-20 demographic is already majority-minority.

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Twin Cities Business Magazine: Why Minneapolis’ Northside Lacks Jobs

Posted: 29 Feb 16

Richard Copeland does not run a nonprofit foundation trying to change the world. He leads Thor Construction, the largest minority-owned business in the state of Minnesota and one of the largest black-owned businesses in the country. Yet he wants to do something about north Minneapolis.

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Finance & Commerce: On North Side, a big plan to build up commerce

Posted: 25 Feb 16

A new program that ties together job training and counseling aims to move 2,000 black men from north Minneapolis to living-wage jobs by 2020, an ambitious goal that could reinvigorate the local workforce and help close a wide employment gap.

Designed to fill holes in existing job training programs, the North@Work program provides long-term support to workers and employers to help ensure participants not only find jobs but also stay employed. The initiative, pioneered by Northside Funders Group public-private partnership, will scale up gradually.

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Star Tribune: North@Work employment collaboration targets black men in north Mpls.

Posted: 23 Feb 16

February 20, 2016 – Neal St. Anthony, Star Tribune. There’s a new collaboration in the effort to increase the skills and employment rate among black men in north Minneapolis. A 25-man group will be the first to take part in a pilot program that North@Worked launched this month. The plan is for 400 men to […]

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North@Work: An innovative workforce strategy for African-American men

Posted: 17 Feb 16

  The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota recently awarded a grant to  the Northside Funders Group (NFG), chiefly to support its new North@Work initiative. Joel Luedtke, senior program officer at the foundation, and Kevin Murray, program officers at NFG, discuss the history, purpose and hopes of this new ...

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