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“The Collective Impact of the Northside Funders Group in North Minneapolis is much more than the significant funding they provide. They have become true partners with NAZ by convening funders meetings to provide critical feedback on our work and always asking us the right questions while pushing for results. They have even supported our proposals to national organizations by sincerely being the ‘WE’. I’m grateful that Northside Funders Group acts as if they are part of the solution– because they are!”

Sondra Samuels, Northside Achievement Zone


“The Northside Funders Group is one of the most promising collaboratives that I have seen in many years of our work in North Minneapolis. They have made a direct impact in providing financial support for the work of the Northside Job Creation Team, a broad collaborative of North Minneapolis agencies, the City of Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota working to bring jobs to this community.  Their support is more than just financial, by bringing together a broad group of stakeholders and their philanthropic partners they are having and will continue to make a positive impact on both public policy and in reducing the large disparities that plague our community.”

Bill English, Northside Job Creation Team


“The Northside Job Creation Team has benefited greatly in our relationship with the Northside Funders Group. We received funding through the grant process, but just as importantly are benefiting from excellent advice and a focused interest from Northside Funders Group. Our work has already had significant impact in the mapping of available real estate, CPED’s creation of a Northside pitch packet, and feasibility studies for the most promising businesses that will flourish on the Northside. We truly consider Northside Funders Group a partner in supporting our promise to bring jobs to North Minneapolis.”

Heidi Barajas, University of Minnesota Urban Research Engagement and Outreach Center and NJTC Sponsor


“The Northside Funders Group is strategic philanthropy at its best. Working with Northside Funders Group has been an enriching experience for me and my work.  Professionally, as a grant maker, I have gained a deeper insight into various foundational approaches and aims in investing in community. I have seen the power of learning and working with my foundation colleagues and community leaders as peers. As a leader, I have developed new skills to advance solutions that address deeply entrenched structural inequities through cross-sector partnerships.  Personally I have been enriched by the personal relationships with North Minneapolis residents and I feel better equipped to support their transformational change.”

David Nicholson, Headwaters Foundation for Justice


As a small family foundation we place a high value on our membership in the Northside Funders Group and the opportunity to sit at a table where our experience and perspective is welcomed in a spirit of mutual respect and appreciation. Our active participation in Northside Funders Group has expanded our understanding of North Minneapolis – its promise and its challenge, and increased our capacity to make a positive contribution to the community.

Liz Coenen, Liemandt Family Foundation


“Being part of Northside Funders Group helps me be a better program officer. Our cross-sector membership gives me access to diverse perspectives and valuable insights that inform my work every day. And Northside Funders Group’s unique, collaborative approach has been invaluable for carving out opportunities to build and strengthen peer relationships, while always identifying smart, new ways for us to partner toward sustainable vitality on the Northside.”

Sarah Hernandez, The McKnight Foundation and Co-Chair of Northside Funders Group

Jo-Anne StatelyPhotoforPrint

Without a doubt, being part of the Northside Funders Group has helped me to align strategies that will positively impact North Minneapolis through a focused framework with clear and measurable results. I really appreciate being part of this funder’s collaborative.  I have gained additional opportunities to listen, learn and leverage my technical capacities and resources to help collectively move the needle on social, economic and racial disparities in North Minneapolis.

Jo-Anne Stately, The Minneapolis Foundation and Co-Chair of Northside Funders Group

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