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We apply a three-pronged investment strategy to catalyze comprehensive and sustainable change in our three Priority Focus Areas. Funders may pursue different investment entry points toward a mutual goal. The three investment strategies include:

  1. Co-Targeted Investments: Northside Funders Group members deliberately, but independently make a grant to the same program, project or organization. While this approach is fragmented, it provides investments that are responsive to emergent community opportunities and needs.
  2. Aligned Investments: Multiple Northside Funders Group members intentionally support a specific strategy or organization in pursuit of a common goal through fiscal or human capital investments. We consider investments that advance strategies and priorities identified by our Workgroups and Priority Focus Area Network.
  3. Pooled Investing- Opportunity Fund: Through the Opportunity Fund, Northside Funders Group invests in emergent opportunities that demonstrate potential to catalyze comprehensive, sustainable change in North Minneapolis. We actively seek out innovative ways for community partners to come together collaboratively around work that has potential for high impact benefits for people and place.


How to Apply for Funding

The Opportunity Fund will support opportunities that address multiple areas aligned with Northside Funders Group Priority Focus Areas:

  • Building Thriving Learning Communities: Investment in academic success provides students with support to achieve great things in school and community, at work and throughout life.
  • Building Social Capital: Investment in formal and informal networks build people who prosper and lead in creating a safe community.
  • Building Thriving Economies: Investment in adult education, employment services, and asset-building improves economic mobility. Investments in commercial activity that creates local jobs, increases access to opportunities and goods, and results in physical improvements that are vital to quality of life.
  • The Opportunity Fund will not support ongoing operational funding. In most cases, ongoing projects or programs previously supported by individual Opportunity Fund members will not be supported by the Fund.

We are interested in community-driven, collaborative ways to achieve a healthier, vibrant community for all who live, work, and own businesses in North Minneapolis. Invited applicants will meet all of the criteria outlined below.


Are you…

  1. A part of an existing formal or informal partnership, collaboration, or alliance;
  2. Already working together on a community-driven, innovative effort that advances Building Thriving Learning Communities, Building Social Capital, or Building Thriving Economies in North Minneapolis;
  3. Ready to move to a different level, such as achieving greater visibility or impact, increasing momentum, or completing a project and
  4. Working in North Minneapolis neighborhoods. At least one of the partner organizations must be physically located in North Minneapolis.

Northside Funders Group investment opportunities are considered by invitation-only. However, we encourage our partners to share ideas with any Northside Funders Group member or our Executive Director for consideration.

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