Northside Funders Group

Vision and Values


A collaborative of private, public, and corporate funders aligning investments and strategies to catalyze comprehensive, sustainable change in North Minneapolis.

Guiding Values and Beliefs

Commitment to North Minneapolis. Together we share a strong sense of hope in North Minneapolis. Our work is intended to add collective value rather than to supplant individual funders’ existing relationships with organizations.

Community Partnerships. People who live and work in North Minneapolis drive the community’s prosperity. Our work to learn, leverage, influence, and invest is informed through ongoing relationships and dialogue with community partners and key stakeholders.

Collaborative Solutions to Complex Challenges. We engage partners from every sector, and individuals from multiple backgrounds to develop unique, collaborative approaches to address each layer of the challenges facing North Minneapolis.

Sharing Risk to Achieve Collective Success. Achieving the level of change we envision requires new approaches and risk-taking. Through collective-impact and aligned investment opportunities, each funder can embrace those opportunities in a circle of support.

Measuring Success. Benchmarks and reporting capture impact and celebrate progress. Demonstrated improvements generate momentum and hope, thus contributing to community vitality.

Building Knowledge. Sharing information about community issues, successful strategies, funding approaches, and emerging opportunities enhances our collective understanding.


“The healthy, honest, and trustworthy culture of the Northside Funders Group bodes well for future action. There is tremendous talent, passion for the work, compassion for the Northside community and mutual respect for one another around the table. The pump is primed for meaningful and measurable collective action.”
Repa Mekha, Nexus Community Partners


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