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Center for Economic Inclusion

Northside Funders Group is an integrated partner of the Center for Economic Inclusion

The Center for Economic Inclusion is a cross-sector organization aimed at strengthening the region’s civic infrastructure to catalyze an inclusive, growing economy that works for everyone in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Launched in January 2018, the Center builds on the foundation of work established by the Northside Funders Group and Opportunity Neighborhoods for Regional Prosperity by scaling the ‘act local, think regional’ approach to advancing racial and economic equity at the nexus of three interdependent domains: human capital, economic development, and transportation and access.


The Center’s strategies are undergirded by a fundamental belief that it IS possible to have an economy that works for all, when all sectors are working cohesively and intentionally to achieve it. The Center was founded by Northside Funders Group executive director, Tawanna Black. For more information visit:



Boldly advancing an inclusive regional economy




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